While the number twelve kept recurring over and over here at “Entourage®”, our label was intended to convey our shared feeling of enjoying life. With 12 bottles in a case, we started thinking of 12 different labels as one for each bottle of the same wine, and 12 different words for one same message. These words made us think of our Entourage, which transformed into 12 ambassadors with 12 recurring birthdates, 12 zodiac signs, 12 zodiac animals, and 12 celebration occasions.

Pushing it further, we realized that sharing is part of celebrating life, and therefore, paying tribute to each ambassador's philanthropy was as natural as converging us to the 12 charities they actively support.

Next, we looked at the bottle, and with 13 degrees proof of alcohol, we weren't far from having another 12 to convey us to 12 ways of explaining 12 good reasons; it makes us exceed the 12s by one, but here at "Entourage®" we aren't superstitious—we are a "Glamorous celebration!"

Modelo y copa.jpg


Words appearing on the 12 labels

Amour = Love

Amitié = Friendship

Noces = Wedding

Gaieté = Cheerfulness

Esprit = Spirit

Merci = Thank You

Santé = Health

La Vie = Life

Extase = Bliss

Désir = Desire

Poésie = Poetry

Succés = Success


"I have been drinking "ENTOURAGE®" for its true wine qualities. The perfect Rosé Wine without any hesitations, saving me precious time left to enjoy sharing that unique feeling of extending my delicious summers."

— Jonathan Pullis, MASTER SOMMELIER