Today's social trends are on the move; it is as complex to define normality as it is to define insanity. The pace of this transformation shifts us from what used to be large social groups to virtual confinement, a place where, unconsciously, individualism reigns. Driven by electronic devices, our modern era focuses entirely on perpetual adversity, which is a bit controversial. There is a sort of annihilation, where most of us are filling the gap of wishing for more human interactions while transitioning to technological concepts. Concepts and apps are being consistently re-invented and meant to fulfill the need for something that for centuries, in reality, has been right under our noses. The time for live social interaction is reborn, and Entourage® is all for the re-humanization of these epic encounters.

Our philosophy is to embrace these great gatherings that are shared moments, with no time to spare looking at our phones or tablets, not because we are resisting the temptation, but because the instants we live are too epic to focus on anything else. Carpe-diem, live the moment, and enjoy your "Entourage®," by sharing it generously.