Visuals & Artwork


The concept behind a top-quality rosé is as natural as Côtes de Provence wines’ traditional link to conviviality, sharing, and epic moments. We feel empowered with the passion-driven mission of reviving glamour throughout the process.

Driven by this powerful statement, our label and bottle designs remain firmly linked to our unique friendship story. At “Entourage®” Marie Field, through her artwork touches us all. As we always share and support her incredible creativity and talent, she, in turn, continuously shares with us her passion and generosity.

Naturally, she volunteered to transpire our energy that has been revolving around our friendship for years. It is, of course, naturally that she also became one of our first “Entourage®” ambassadors.


Through her modernity, Marie genuinely energizes the most magnetic moments of the past, present, and future. The energy of her work engenders this “je ne sais quoi” that revives Salvador Dali, Serge Gainsbourg, Gunter Sachs, and many other figures that contributed to make Saint-Tropez the archetypal place it has become today.

If you don't know her work, we heartily invite you to follow the link that will lead you to her website by clicking the button on the ambassador's page.

We will never be thankful enough for that stunning “Entourage®” branding.

Beyond owing it to a sincere Friend, we owe it to a pure Artist. THANK YOU! MARIE FIELD