Our Grape Selection:

75% Cinsault [SAN-soh]

Having been used for many years in the region’s rosé production, this Provence native grape gives the wine a subtle, fresh, fruity, mellow touch, which is in contrast to the strength of other varieties.

When we work with this variety to reduce yields, Cinsault delivers floral and ripe strawberry notes. The late-ripening grape, due to its natural low level of tannin and acidity coupled with strong aromatic quality, is what we are after in our AOC Côtes de Provence ENTOURAGE Rosé.

25% Grenache [gruh-NAHSH]

The French variety of Grenache gives an elegant young wine aroma of small red berries; as it ages, the wine develops spicier notes and increased body and luxuriance. The unmistakable candied fruit roll-up and cinnamon flavor are what give Grenache away in a blind tasting.