Born from an international group of rosé aficionados sharing over a century of friendship, "Entourage®," is made with the best sustainably grown grapes, lots of love, and a ton of passion. Produced in the heart of the French Riviera, our registered designation of origins "AOC-Cotes de Provence" represents the highest level of quality in French rosé winemaking. Any wine bearing the name of this official wine-producing area must strictly respect clearly defined parameters of production. "AOC-Côtes de Provence" is not to be confused with "Wine of Provence."

From the heart of Saint-Tropez, surrounded by iconic celebrities, this lifelong project was initiated and cultivated summer after summer while taking in the most quintessential moments that the South of France has to offer. Grown sustainably all around the epicenter of our Saint-Tropez "Entourage®", it is literally from the roads that link the legendary village to the famous beaches of Pampelone, better known as "La Route des Plages" that we perpetuated the historical, classical, and exemplary state of mind that our elders have left us as an inheritance.

United by an ancestral friendship that was born in the mythical village, strong with our experience, passion, and bits of extravagance, we bring you the rosé wine we always dreamed of making to celebrate our "Entourage®." A wine that is made by friends who drink it. This ritual happens in the fabled village of Saint-Tropez year after year, as well as in Aspen where the brand grew and where everywhere memorable moments of happiness are occurring.

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Made from Super Premium AOC Côtes de Provence grapes, “Entourage®” belongs to a high-end luxury category. While remaining affordable, our wine is a gateway to luxury, and our benchmark is perfection. “Entourage®” is one of the best supporting depictions of our shared philosophy:

“There is no higher luxury than happiness, which is found best in shared moments with families, friends, neighbors, communities, and even strangers.”

“Carpe Diem, enjoy life, and make moments worth remembering by spreading and sharing your “Entourage®” generously...”